In our innovative, modern, technological and environmentally friendly production facility, which we laid the foundations of in 2016, we started our first productions in 2017 with the aim of producing quality products that we can use safely in our own babies and with the aim of enabling people in different geographies of the world to reach this quality. Today, we have become a huge and strong family together with our distributors and business partners, delivering these products to our consumers in many geographies who use our TURKEY DIAPERS branded products safely. We proudly carry TURKEY DIAPERS quality and hygiene to every country we go to, with our motto of “happy familys, happy babies”, sustainable quality, innovation and adopting the human element as the main principle on the path of growth.
As a big and strong family with our distributors, business partners and suppliers in many countries of the world, we work with all our strength for a more beautiful world, a more beautiful and quality life, with a sense of responsibility, always adopting respect for nature, people and new ideas as our basic principle. As the TURKEY DIAPERS family, we believe that growth and globalization will be possible with transparency, reliability, innovation, difference and diversity with all our stakeholders, by adopting the human element as a principle.